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AFCO 20031LF Low friction Upper Ball Joint

$88.00 AUD

AFCO low friction ball joints are designed with 2 ft. lbs. of resistance, the force required to move the stud of the ball joint. Compare this with standard replacement joints, with as high as 50 ft. lbs. of resistance. Fits most fabricated upper arms, large bolt-in.

Tubular upper a-arm ball joint that fits Masterbilt, GRT, Swartz, American Made, Rocket, Bernheisel, Howe, Shaw, Bullitt, Rayburn and Harris. Fits upper taper of Pinto spindles.

Interchange Part Numbers:

  • Moog K6024
  • Howe 22300
  • TRW 10185
  • Large Bolt-In
  • Taper: 1-1/2"/ft
  • Stud Stock Length
  • Non-Take Apart

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