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Hans Sport III (LARGE)

$620.00 AUD

HANS Sport III Series Device 

Devil Race Parts, the gear you need, the prices you can afford.

 - Same performance and safety as all HANS Device models
- All new design and polymer
- Hollow collar for low weight
- Lightest most comfortable HANS ever
- FIA 8856-2010
- Available in Model 20- Upright Seat only- Fits all sedans including NASCAR, Busch, Sprint, Midget, Quarter Midget, Drag, Modified, Bandalero and similar. All sportscars including Porsche, BMW, Corvette, Honda, Viper etc. All Panoz Racing Series cars. Marine applications including UIM and Drag Boats. 

The HANS III represents the third generation of injection moulded HANS devices and features a contemporary approach to reducing weight. Using an all new design and polymer, the device features a hollow collar that substantially minimizes weight. Engineered reinforcements ensure an exceptionally strong structure that provides the same level of safety as every HANS device. The reduced mass guarantees the lightest and most comfortable injection moulded HANS ever.

Good for all motorsport classes, including Australian Speedway.


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