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Rechargable MyLaps X2 Transponder (1 year subscription)

$320.00 AUD

TR2 Transponder

The new standard in sports timing! The TR2 Transponder is the newest and most innovative transponder for motorsports. Reliable hardware, easy subscription management via Bluetooth and the Speedhive App and flexible subscription options to fit your needs.

Make Racing Easier

The TR2 Transponder is a product, arising from listening carefully to you, our users. The TR2 Transponders is the world-leading standard in accuracy, just like our other Transponders, but now made much easier in many ways. The TR2 Transponder is the new standard.

Racers know that practice pays off. Whether you ride motorbikes or prefer to race on four wheels, insight into your performance makes you a better racer. The TR2 is capable of showing you valuable race data and insights. All your data is available on your personal Speedhive account.

This model is designed for ✔Car & ✔Bike also available for Motocross or Kart.

Easy to manage

Always be prepared before racing! The new TR2 Transponder gives you all the information you need to start your race fully prepared. Due to a Bluetooth connection with the Speedhive app, it’s very easy to register and activate your transponder. In the Speedhive app, you’re easily reminded of the duration of your ongoing license and battery status. Manage the needs of your transponder everywhere with your smartphone!

The more you know, the faster you go

With the TR2 Transponder, all your race data will be available your personal MYLAPS Speedhive account. The free Speedhive app gives you quick access to the official results of motorized sport events.

Download the free Speedhive App now and benefit from:

 Easy connection of your transponder with your Speedhive App via Bluetooth
 Easy buying and syncing your subscription with your Speedhive App
 Up to date status of battery level and subscription status
 View live race data
 Get quick and easy mobile access to your personal event results
 Compare your lap times with other racers in one graph
 Gain followers with your personal profile
 Analyze where you won and lost compared to your opponents
 Follow races and racers all over the world


✔ Accurate and reliable
The TR2 Transponder is the world-leading standard in accuracy and built to last.

✔ Check your data online
Easy and Free online access to your practice and race results via the Speedhive platform.

✔ Everything a racer needs
Together with the TR2 Transponder comes the TR2 Cradle to charge your transponder in just 5 hours for 5 days of racing, and to connect your transponder with your Speedhive app.

✔ Flexible subscriptions
Choose the subscription for your TR2 Transponder that suits you best.

✔ Built for the future
TR2 brings a world of possibilities beyond timekeeping, with great insights in race data.

✔ The all-round transponder
TR2 transponders are supported at every circuit and track that has a MYLAPS system installed.

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